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Ronan Chris Murphy is based in Southern California and works around the globe as a record producer and engineer. Some of his notable clients include King Crimson, Gwar, Steve Morse, Mafia III (video game), Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood (video game) Terry Bozzio, Ulver, Pete Teo, Tony Levin, Alexia Vasiliou, Nels Cline, Get Out (film score album mastering) Jamie Walters as well as side projects with artists from bands like Tool, Weezer, Yes….   For more information about all that stuff, visit the Veneto West site.

Ronan got his start in music playing in the Washington DC hardcore punk scene (he and Dave Grohl were in the DC punk band Freak Baby, but at different times) and the scene that later became known as grunge and alternative. His various bands shared the stage with the likes of The Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr., The Adolescence, Gwar, Death Angel, Henry Rollins and more.

He also work extensively as an educator, presenting workshops on music technology and recording in the US and Europe with my business Recording Boot Camp. As one of the worlds first audio blogger he pioneered many of the audio education techniques that are commonplace today.

photo by Alexia Vassiliou

photo by Alexia Vassiliou

In addition to music recording, he is an author, award winning photographer, an avid traveler and host a DIY Italian travel show called Ronan’s Italy Show.

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  1. Hi Ronan Bruce here a member of Taxi. I have a project going that I cannot seem to get the vocals to come out. I have been diligently working for a month and I am a bit stuck, Do you listen to recordings and give advice on how to improve the recordings? I have reason 6.5 by propeller head and an i3 laptop computer, this is all I can afford. I have a sm7b mic and others as well and none seems to be fitting the agenda. I know I cannot get the recording to sound as good as yours, I think it is impossible. If I can send this to your email it would be greatly appreciated. I have used compression and everything under the sun but nothing seems to do the trick. I know you are very busy and may not have the time. Thanks for your help.

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