The Photographic Portrait by Robin Gillanders

I am almost finished with a fantastic book by Robin Gillanders, The Photographic Portrait: Techniques, Strategies and Thoughts on Making Portraits with Meaning.

As a photographer I am always trying to improve my craft and I read as many books on the subject as I can. I usually get something from every book I read, but they are usually a collection of gear or technical advice, with a bit of practical info about approaching the work, that I can flip through in a night or two. A couple weeks ago I stumbled onto Robin Gillanders book at a used shop and gambled a few bucks on the the purchase.

The Photographic Portrait by Robin Gillanders by is an all together different book from what I have been reading. It it is light on, focal lengths, F-stops, iso settings, etc. It is a book about art. Of all the books I have read it is about the “why” of portrait photography. Gillanders spends little time talking about how to take a photo, but focuses on why one would want to approach a photograph in in a particular way, and how those choices affect the stories we tell with photographs.

The pages of this book stay with me. I find myself thinking about Gillanders perspective when I look at people even without my camera in hand. Strongly recommended.

Fiona Forbes by Robin Gillanders


Hughes, George. ‘Lollipop man’ by Robin Gillanders


Pat MacDonald by Robin Gillanders

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