Here is a short collection of some of my work. I have not included my most commercially successful, not my objectively best work, but I wanted to include samples that highlight work in cross cultural collaboration and remote recording. Some are works in progress as remote recording and cross cultural collaboration is a big focus for me creatively right now.

Army of Love (work in progress)

I was inspired to write this song after listening to a lot of Kurdish pop music before a trip to Turkey. I then recorded local musicians in Istanbul Turkey to add live percussion and saz. I added the vocals from a Rhumba singer in Havana Cuba. The guitars were added by myself and a Mexican guitarist at my studio in Los Angeles. English language voices were also recorded in Los Angeles.


Hush Marianne (From the album “Rustic Living for Urbanites” by Pete Teo)

This is a studio recording recorded in Kuala Lumpur. In this western style singer-songwriter album, I brought in an Erhu player and a Gambus player to bring in regional flavors and give the production a sense of place. The drummer is from India (recorded in KL as well)


Mother (Zu 120)

This was a collaboration with a street musician I met in the canals of Venice Italy that plays “hang drum” (a melodic percussion instrument from Switzerland). We recorded him playing outside by the canals of Venice. I created electronic beats and asked him to improvise against the electronic beats. I then took various phrases he had improvised and re-arranged them in pro tools into a new composition and wrote new melodies on top of those parts. We added percussion and saz in Istanbul Turkey, Concert bass drum recorded in a theater in Mexico and vocals recorded in a country church, Strandarkirkja, Iceland. I eventually removed the electronic drums leaving only the acoustic percussion. Peter Gabriel bass player. Tony Levin, added some bass for me.


L’Imputato (From the album “La Marsigliese” by Riaffiora)

I produced and engineered this piece of music but did not write on it or perform on it. The drums and bass were recorded in a traditional studio. Everything else was recorded in remote locations: The stings were in a theater, the organ was in a church, vocals and guitars were recorded partially outside in Venice Italy and partly in the loft of an old Palazzo.


Galax to Moscow

This is from some experiments I am currently working on. I play Appalachian dulcimer and I am also a fan of Drum n Bass, electronic music. I have noticed that up-tempo Appalachian folk music and DnB share both similar tempos, underlying grooves and even similar dancing traditions. I have been experimenting with trying to fuse the two styles of music into something new.