This petition is not against new technology. It is about introducing new technology that respects creators and the fans.

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Apple has introduced Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. This is a potentially exciting new technology, but Apple is introducing it into the market in a way that can be disrespectful to artists and misleading to consumers. 

Apple Music has designed their system so that when a person selects a song in Apple Music, it will play a new version remixed in Dobly Atmos when available (unless the user has Spatial Audio turned off). While a Dolby Atmos mix can be an interesting way to listen to a recording, these new mixes are new distinct works and should not be presented as standard versions or considered interchangeable with the original versions. In some cases, the artists and producers are not even involved in the creation of these new Spatial Audio remixes, and these new alternative mixes can actually violate the artistic intent of the artists and the original producers.  

Music productions are unique works of art that in the best cases have been finalized and authorized by the artists, producers and engineers that created them. While Spatial Audio music is a potentially exciting new way to experience music, it is disrespectful to the creators and the fans to substitute Spatial Audio remixes as definitive versions. If Apple wants to do the right thing, the solution is simple: Clearly identify both versions as unique works and let music lovers choose if they want the classic version or the new modified versions (without having to go in and reset their software preferences every time). Here is an example:

Post Malone “Circles”
Post Malone “Circles – Spatial Audio Remix”

Apple already does this with other kinds of remixes and they should do it with Spatial Audio remixes!!

If Apple created an Apple Art app and automatically presented a new 3D enhanced version of the Mona Lisa to users that searched for the painting and labeled it the same way they labeled the original, people would rightly consider that ridiculous. To those of us that love music, there is no difference between our favorite albums and the Mona Lisa.

Apple, please continue to support new technologies, but respect the creators and the fans, and clearly identify Spatial Audio remixes as new, unique works. 

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