Some cool vintage gear for sale in Southern California

I helping a friend sell some cool vintage gear from the estate. If you are looking for these items, you already know what they are, and what the fair market value is. I will entertain reasonable offers, but I am selling these for someone else, so I will not take lowball offers. All items are sold as-is, but I will accommodate serious buyers wanting to test the equipment at my place before finalizing the deal. Come pick up in person with cash. I am north of Los Angeles about halfway between Bakersfield and Santa Clarita. If I ship, buyer will arrange packaging, shipping and assume all costs and liability. You can contact me with this form.   
Details and prices are below the photo gallery. 
Linn 9000 drum Machine $5500
Very good condition except for a bit of cosmetic wear visible in the photos, and missing the little rubber nub on a couple sliders. It seems to be working perfectly, but some of the sliders are a little dirty (you can hear/see it in the video)
1937 Gibson L30 Archtop. $1800
Fair condition with flaws that can be seen in photos. It has a nice tone.
Nagra III / Nagra 3 $700 
This seems to be in very good condition for its age, but I do not have the power supply, but the transport is working running off of D batteries. It is $700 as is. (I will throw in a Jensen synch box for anyone that pays asking price for the Nagra.)
Pair of Heathkit W5M Monoblock power amplifiers. $500 for the pair. I will not separate.
OK condition. I have not refurbed or tested these. The parts seem to be in good condition, although one tube is clearly broken. You can see different markers on some of the transformers. I do not know if these are different transformers or if the difference is only cosmetic.
ALTEC 9440 Stereo Amplifier $400
A bit dirty, but in good physical shape. I have not plugged it in because I do not want to fire it up without a speaker load and I do not have speakers to test with. I am selling it for $450 as-is. If I get it tested I will probably raise the price one or two hundred dollars. Potential buyers are welcome to bring their own speakers to test before buying (and you will get the as-is price)
Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay $300
It is tested and fully function (but selling as-is). I still need to clean it up a bit. The power cord has the rubber ripped off for a few inches. The internal wires are fine, but that is something that the buyer will want to fix.